Realistic Unification Silences Horrors

It is weird to know that in this reality, lots of horrors seem to exist, but somehow I know that eventually they will be brought down by the part of the human population that seem to be doing more self-reflection than the rest of the over eight billion. It isn't that this is a proven fact, but those who see it have a sense on knowing, even though they have no idea why or how they know. It is a type of mental clarity that eludes others, even though they all could have reached this point.

This does not mean the few are more human or humane than the rest, or worth more. They are scattered among the rest, often seemingly disconnected from the masses. Others may not be aware, but as the Dutch proverb says: "Us Know Us!". The people in this network of soul sprinkles have a certain understanding, which makes them ultimately prepared for anything, regardless of whether they prepared for anything or didn't.

In fact, preparedness has nothing to do with having a stash of food, or a cache of weapons in case all hell breaks loose. Preparedness is about being able to control your mind and calm your heart, when others get lost in their emotions about a situation they never saw coming!

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