Securely Adapting Failures Evolves Technological Yield

For a very long time there was no story connected to this acrosstic, but right now in 2023 there is one subject that does make a worthy story concerning safety: Tesla cars are head and shoulders above other cars, in both passive and active safety features. This can largely be attributed to the fact Teslas send lots of data back to there central system, which allows them to do analysis of accidents, use it to update the cars' software over the air, and thus making the car safer over time, as an additional service to the customer.

So yes, this car is not one for people who are scared of their devices sending data back to a central system. But just like various car insurance companies are now using CANBUS information back to their coupled apps to determine how safe you drive, and tailoring your insurance premium to it, Tesla just goes one step further, and uses that data to improve the car.

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