Teaching Reality Always Desires Equality

The concept of trade is mostly associated with the business world, and is almost always seen in a competitive perspective, because economy as a science is a mechanism of lack and scarcity. But looking at the bigger picture, scarcity is far less pervasive than it is perceived.

Just imagine an example like the computers which a modern company uses: they have an economic lifetime of maybe three years, and by then the company values them at basically zero value. But those computers are still quite good performance-wise, and can easily be used by others. Likewise, when other companies help them to remove the old computers, these companies also make profits.

And politics is just business as usual also: if a company adds value by manufactuing something, there is of course a tax called VAT to make sure the political branch also receives its cut. But that and our income tax then again gets spent on infrastructure projects, which give other companies the possibility to sell products or services to their government clients.

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