When Intelligent Kids Intensify Links & Extreme Access 2 Knowledge Safely

Wikileaks was brought into existence to publish massive amounts of leaked E-mails, documents, etc. about stuff that has been traditionally kept secret from the big public. But visiting wikileaks.org shows there has been a flattening of the activity around this collection: the latest dates shown are from 2021, and clicking on it delivers me a username password prompt. Apparently the site wishes to know who is accessing the information, and maybe even wishes payment to deliver it.

I won't be able to tell you more about it, because I am a firm believer in using the Internet for free information: I provide my stuff for free, so I mostly use information that is freely accessible. Of course I know the saying that "If it's free, you are the product", and that's ok: it has shown me that many of the information seekers have been building huge empires of information, sprinkled with generous amounts of product placement and advertizing.

But you don't need the deepest truths to grow: there will be fear-inducing messages and hopeful messages, but both are using the same divisive strategy: pitting humans against other humans, or even pitting humans against machines. I feel neither is needed, because in the end we are all unique expressions of the Grand Overall Design!

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