C an U N egate N egativity I nto N ew G rowth?

Cunning is usually seen in a negative light, because it uses deception to gain an advantage. But it was Martin Luther King Jr. who said:

Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.

Or something to that effect. So if the war lovers use cunning and secrecy to achieve their ends, then the peace lovers will have to do something similar to beat them at their own game. That does not mean fighting hatred with hatred, but their agenda must by definition remain hidden if it is to be effective in removing war from the world.

It seems such an effort is currently under way while everyone is kept in their homes because of the Corona virus, and QAnon, Trump and the Alliance are leading the effort to round up the ruthless sociopaths that value money, power and wealth more than they value the lives of other people. I truly believe that this twenty year plan needed extreme secrecy and cunning, if it is to achieve its goals.

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