Novelty Once Seen Takes Another Lover into Gratitude Involving AI

Is it nostalgia to long for an era where cars are intelligent and can talk back? I'd say it is more a longing for a more modern life, that is probably not far away knowing what FSD is currently already capable of. Combine that with a voice-driven version of ChatGPT or better yet TruthGPT, and you get a car that can take spoken requests with eerie accuracy, and performs them to a tee.

The guy in the video however settles for pure nostalgia: he simply waited for 40 years to buy a KIT replica, and starts to make it as perfectly identical to the actual series car as possible. He isn't the only one, as one of my neighbors used to have one as well, to rent out for weddings and other events. Also, there is still a lot of goods to find on eBay and Amazon to help Michael wannabees to live their dream.

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