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Questions are normal in life, but we need not sweat them. Like Trinity said in the Matrix: "It's the question that drives us, Neo!" It becons to be answered, and if an answer does not immediately present itself, we only need to relax, distract the mind with something else, and pretty soon the solution will float in. From where? Nikola Tesla had the answer to that one: he saw the mind as a receiver, and said we could simply tune in to the right frequency to receive the thoughts, as they originate from outside, from a larger entity as it were.

This is much like how I create these Acrosstics: they are not the product of rigid scientific reasoning, or deep thought. Instead, a word crosses my awareness, and it immediately feels like an Acrosstic about to come into being. After that it is just a matter of jotting down the word from top to bottom, and then following up with extending the letters of the word with words of their own, not necessarily from top to bottom. Sometimes it starts with the last word, the first word, or one in between, but without exception the entire process is "Gone in 60 Seconds", to paraphrase a great movie. After that the matching image is plucked from the Web, and the complete acrosstic is created. Follow that up with running my homemade Python program to include the image in the site, and then fill in the story page, and run the program once again to include the story on the HTML page. Several other nice features of the generating process include suggesting hyperlinks for the stories, and tallying possible acrosstics and words from the sum of all stories, so I know which acrosstics need a better story, or which words are most likely to be made into Acrosstics.

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