Real Adaptations Design Interesting Cost Adaptations Logically

I myself am only radical at times: I tend to coast along enjoying life, until I figure out something needs direct action. For this weekend, the direct action was investing in Tesla, since the Q1 earnings report is coming up soon. For me that included getting to know a few websites and apps I did not know before, with the small anxiety of "did the site just do what I asked?". Fortunately most of them follow reasonable user interface guidelines, so it was mainly painless.

And why the sudden radical action? Because I see plenty of indicators that Tesla is about to disrupt the various industries even more than they have already done. Not just the car industry, and all but eliminating the oil industry, but also tackling the energy market, robotics, and probably the HVAC industry as well, because their knowhow includes heat pump technology.

That industry is now the reason over sixty percent of energy generated is being used to produce waste heat which is typically discarded by additional cooling mechanisms requiring energy to operate. So a radical improvement is needed here, and very effective.

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