Source Evenly Values Everything & Needs Separate Physical Holographic Events 2 Render Each Space

Another niche in which my talents lie is the development and use of the SevenSphere: it is a tool for exploration of knowledge which I developed over several decades, just like Dolores Cannon developed her particular brand of deep hypnosis, which she uses to regress subjects to past lives for purposes of healing and information gathering. She claims to have gotten access to a level of information about the Grand Overall Design which enabled her to write 17 books on varied topics.

I access much the same area of knowledge, but use my SevenSphere tool to do so: I found that placing a concept in the center sphere makes it possible to explore it by placing six related aspects in the satellite spheres. These may be six singular concepts defining the center concept further, three pairs of matching or opposite concepts, two trinities (usually one static and one dynamic), or six steps that describe the center as a process or cycle.

To be able to play with this more easily, I created a small web application in Go, which runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 on my desk. You can access it through the image down here:

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