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Dolores Cannon spent 45 years developing her own technique of hypnosis (which is now taught as QHHT), which she used to help thousands of people heal trauma in their past lives. While doing so she came across the fact that many of her subjects were sharing consistent information about the true reality that showed there is much more to life than what people normally see.

She wrote 17 books on various aspects of past, future and the universe, and what happens between death and birth, and her encounters with subjects that had past lives with well-known persons from the past, like Nostradamus.

This lady dared go where no other hypnotherapist dared to go, by taking her subjects to a deeper state of hypnosis. This led to her getting far more important information, which was spoon-fed to her over those 45 years. She emphasizes that fact: higher beings are in fact real, but they help us like you would help a baby to grow up: small spoons at a time, so you don't get overloaded with stuff you can't handle.

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