Teachers Helping Each New Expressing Wish 4
Heaven Expedite Reality 2 B Opened Everywhere Simultaneously

Yeah, nobody knows who they are, or at least many do not have any idea at this moment in time. Still, I saw their loosely coupled network of positive influence for the first time in my mind's eye the day some doctor diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. Of course the new heroes know different: psychological "diseases" are mostly just different views on reality, which are really gifts for the people around them. These people see reality in other ways, but suually have problems interpreting their observations. At least I spent a long time trying to understand mine. But at this moment in time things are falling together quite nicely, and the new heroes like Charlie, Nassim, Elon, Donald Trump, Q and the Patriots and many more are forming this tightly knit web of positive intentions that is determined to put an end to the deep state and their central bank system. They are a force to be reckoned with, and their plan is nearing its bright unveiling.

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