Akward Reality Making All Give Extra Daring & Dedication 2 Outrun Negativity

This one was inspired by rewatching Armageddon with Bruce Willis. And the story is clear: we'll pull together if there is ever a threat to all of humanity. But at the moment we are more in a reality where we don't all agree on what is the most dangerous. Still, reality outside is reflecting our reality inside, and if you look in the mirror you don't try to make the reflection smile, but you start smiling so the reflection can't do anything else but follow your example.

Now you may feel that this is unrealistic behavior, since you see all that negativity around you. But if you start focusing on what is being done to solve the problems, you will soon see that a lot of initiatives are present to make things better. So rather than putting the focal point on what is wrong, try to blow the trumpet of all possible solutions to whatever you feel needs improving. The Dalai Lama is know to have said that whenever we start teaching eight year olds meditation, we can turn this world around in one generation, and quite frankly I believe he is right.

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