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Into Virtual Intense Source Initiates Opposing Negativity

Division may seem like the emphasis in this word combination, but actually, there is no real division: cell doubling or cell multiplication would have been a more suiting term. Because as we all well know, the cells merely double their numbers without ever truly separating from the body. At least that is what happens in the initial stages. The developing fetus grows many more cells than die off every moment of its development. And all of it just makes up one body, so there is no sense of division.

"But the cells become different types", you may claim. True, but that is more because of a change in their environment, than in a difference in DNA. And all those different types of cells build organs together, and organs in turn compose the human body. Still, that whole biological and chemical approach is only part of the picture: in a broader view, patterns of energy also play a very distinctive role in the entire orchestral maneuvre that makes up human life.

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