Communicating Ultimate Love of Technology

Some more conservative newspapers (others would say controlled) have been calling the many enthusiasts following Elon Musk a cult, and they are right in the sense of the acrosstic above. It's not so much about the person of Elon, although he is definitely a more interesting person than most of the music artists and movie stars, but way more about our love of the way Elon views the world, and how to help it develop further.

This is one of the many Tesla-related channels I often watch, because they have a better understanding of what Tesla is really all about, and what fields of enterprise they are bound to disrupt in the coming years, like EV cars, full self driving, humanoid robots, power storage and handling, and solar. HVAC might even be added to that set, as it seems there is an advantage that heat pumps have over traditional energy-guzzling airconditioners. And of course they already have a properly working heatpump assembly in their electric vehicles.

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