Can Undiscovered Realities Inspire Open Unbiased Speaking?

They say a dirty mind is a joy forever, but a curious mind is definitely way more rewarding! It leads you on a quest for knowledge, which comes to you in the form of observation providing information. It is up to you to convert this information into knowledge based on the knowledge you already have. Building more knowledge makes the way you communicate with others to be of much more use, since there are more gems of knowledge you can use to launch those arrows of info, aiming to bring further context to stories others tell.

Also, life is much more fun if you are constantly looking for the edges of your being, both outside and in. Now I could try to pursue some of the more fantastic capabilities people claim we humans can access, but somehow I feel staying closer to other humans in this limited reality is the thing to do. No point in climbing the ladder to exorbitant capabilities if you cannot help others on their terms.

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