In New Teachings Ur Inner Truths Immobilize Older Negative Situations

Intuitions, the teaching of our Inner Self. To me, this is basically what happens when we let go of the need to totally overthink everything, and reason it out. Science will normally reject theories if they can't be proven, but many scientists come up with powerful intuitions, and then struggle their entire life to prove them to their peers, and by extension to the rest of humanity.

There is another way of making headway in new theories: Recognizing the holographic and fractal nature of reality, we can illustrate ideas based on similar patterns, and describe them by example. It is like turning the proof of evidence inside out: rather than convincing your peers first and becoming famous after they have concurred, your teachings will appeal to the intuition of the people who read or hear them.

The weird thing about this form of evolution of knowledge is simple: one human can only provide another one with information, but it is up to the receiving party to turn this information into knowledge, and that is entirely based on the knowledge these individuals already have. No amount of information will make a believer out of a non-believer, and neither will a new proof turn a believer into a non-believer. Only the open-minded will be able to change their minds, and hence their view of Reality.

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