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Kindness is a property all too needed in today's world. Where most people have negative thoughts about other groups of human beings, we need to come to the realization that all humans can and should live together without harming others, if we are to survive and transcend our current common consciousness.

But it seems the forces of common awareness are pointing towards a movement that is actively subversive, and which tends to disrupt efforts in that direction. We can see this as a deliberate act, and it may well be, because some of the bad actors have already publicly confessed their intentions. Klaus Schwab for one said he hates the US, and will stop at nothing to destroy it. But lately, other voices have risen in the masses, and Klaus has even publicly announced he is aware of these parties that "reject the system". Let's hope we never have to submit to his "system", because eating bugs and having no freedom is not a human right!

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