Outrageous Values Extremely Reduce Logical Outcomes Adding 2 Disaster

On Facebook a dear friend of mine shared the unconventional medical opinion of a psychiatrist, who said mental disorders are hardly ever diseases, but more often the result of the constant information overload modern society bombards us with. I tend to agree here: When I was diagnosed as being bipolar, I never thought of myself as mentally ill. I simply saw a better reality in my mind's eye, and decided that this world was what I was on my way towards. Problem was that the world still needed to catch up with that reality, before I would be considered normal again.

Humans are systems that receive constant feedback from the world around them, and unless they start to attenuate their responses to external stimuli, they tend to overreact and make things worse than they really are. Unfortunately, learning to trim your responses perfectly requires time and experience, especially since the new developments test to develop exponentially, and follow a so-called S Curve.

So yes, time heals all, and nowadays I found the more or less perfect balance with the world around me, even though I am still somewhat ahead in time relative to most people. The future is too beautiful to ignore!

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