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This page is here to tell an anecdote from my schooldays: we nerds were overjoyed when the economics teacher allowed for the use of programmable calculators for the upcoming exam. I decided to not study for the exam, but instead write a program that could basically calculate the answers to any problem in the study material.

I had fun programming it, testing it, and squeezing it into the 28 kilobytes of memory that the Casio had. It was an experience in itself, and the biggest software project for me to date.

Exam day came, I took one look at the question form, and decided there and then to solve the questions with just the normal calculator first. Was done in about half the time alloted, checked them all before turning in my answers, and then the school decided to add an extra point because the exam had been "too difficult". The only time I actually scored more than 10 out of 10!

Motto: do what you love and you will always be equiped with what you need to know in order to succeed at what you love!

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