Physical Reality Of Several Personal Experiences 2 Realize Improved Total Yield

The page of this site dedicated to the book entitled "Brighter" has just gotten a brother of sorts in this next interview video featuring Adam Dorr again. In the book Adam explains how we are on an ever improving spiral to more prosperity, even though at times this may look totally unobvious.

But still I urge you to think back in time: is it not true that everything shifts towards better designs requiring less material? Sure, repairability may become a task not everyone can undertake, but there has been for the longest time a network of people that each do what they think is their purpose in this life. Some live a life of luxury and buy expensive quality items, and when they replace those items they pass them on to others who love the quality but don't wish to pay top dollar. Or they do, but they spend the money to completely restore their classics, as a tribute to earlier times.

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