Untimely Reactions Generate Extreme Negative Tensions

Often, it pays to tone down the urgency some people are trying to drag you into. If they say something is urgent, slow them down so you can think about the situation first. If you don't you run the risk of reacting from your primal mind, the part where ancient negative influences invoke your fight or flight response before your logic.

It also de-stresses the situation, and gives you the time to further investigate what is the actual problem. If you instead do react instinctively, you are most likely to aggravate the situation. As a powerful example I have this example from my past, where another road user did something that triggered my road rage (long gone now), and which eventually ended in both of us pulling up on the shoulder of the highway. I got out of my car to give him a piece of my mind, when he just said one word to me: "WHY?".That one word made me get back into my car after an apology, and it kept me thinking about my behavior that morning for several months.

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