All Wake Anons Know Extreme News & Intend New Growth

Another thing that makes you go "Hmm", or better yet a movie that lists a whole slew of these things. Created by a fellow countrywoman of mine, Janet Ossebaard, this movie on BitChute shows how the Cabal are about to fall, because nobody who views it will ever be the same again! People are waking up in droves, and not just in the US. The Internet gives them a great way to connect, and simply researching for yourself and hearing firsthand about experiences of all other people waking up.

It's all ripples, and quantum ripples at that: no circular ripples like water, but ripples that jump through the links on the web and surface at some non-deterministic other point on the globe. Having spent all years since my eighth trying to figure out the patterns of the world around me, I got the biggest patterns, but only recently I started diving into patterns of an entirely different nature: Not what can be proven in our common consciousness, but those things outside it that have to be pieced together bit by bit.

It seems that just when I had resolved myself to living the common reality with the love of my life, the outer world seemed to be drawing me to ever more patterns combining into larger patterns, and so today, I had a print made of the QANON_MAP, to prominently hang it on my living room wall! Time to become a true Digital Soldier, and live by their motto: Don't just believe, VERIFY!!!

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