Dastardly Entangled Energies Prevent Source Teachings 2 Advance Total Experience

What if we made the walls between the Deep State and our Loving Reality so steep and high that its inhabitants simply could not reach us anymore? Or are they themselves literally digging that hole now they will never be able to escape from? It is obvious now that the likes of the WHO, WEF, IMF and other global institutions all lean towards a future where they will be in controls, overriding any national governments. And they seem to have a strategy that aims to first and foremost destroy the American economy, in order to make their Armageddon happen.

But more and more Americans are saying "No More!", and are connecting in vast numbers as they voice their support for Donald Trump. Current poll shave him at an over 60% popularity, with the runner up being at slightly over 12%. This is why Biden weaponized the DOJ against Trump, and is trying to remove him from the place in the 2024 presidential race where he would without a doubt be re-elected again!

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