Electro-Magnetic Physicality Always Teaches Health

No matter whether you are a good or a bad person, we all have empathic abilities to some degree or other. Even psychopaths know at some level how their others feel about their actions, but they choose to use this for their own goals or desires, because they either do not care about others, or even place their desire to hurt before respecting the Free Will of others.

Of course empaths come in different varieties, and even the none-psychopathic empaths can be seen to have two distinct flavors: there are those who suffer with their perceived emotions from the people around them, and those who can definitely feel those emotions, but who remain in their own vibration rather than succumbing to the external vibration. The latter type of empaths may not feel bad because of the other person's suffering, but they do choose to help alleviate it as much as they can.

However, they are quite aware that if their cup is not full, they cannot continue to share with others indiscriminately. Service to others, but coming from the feeling of Abundance they themselves have!

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