Generations Are Making Interesting New Growth

In a recent interview with Elon Musk he mentioned "Gaming the System" as a definite risk of the development of Artificial Intelligence and/or AGI. This implies introducing a set of "rules" by which the game is played, which enable the person or group gaming the system to gain a given benefit at the expense of others. It is said that what you hate most in others is often what you yourself still have to transcend, so perhaps Elon Musk might be gaming the system himself?

On the other hand, there is the intention with which this is done: Elon is always very open about his intentions, and yeah, maybe he is trying to drag humanity into the future kicking and screaming. It is certain that many people are far more conservative, and would love to maintain the status_quo as long as possible, but let's face it: ICE cars are history, maybe even as soon as 2027.

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