Humans Use Masks 2 Outsmart Reality

The masks I am refering to here are NOT the masks the WHO would want us to wear again this winter. They pulled that stunt a few years ago, and it is now being pulled out of mothballs again in time to disrupt the voting in the United States. But Americans have had enough, and are massively voicing their anger and refusal to comply with what they see as an attack on their constituional rights. Trump, attacked by the democrats, leads in the polls, and even by a very large margin: over 60% will vote for him, and that is over 50% more than the runner up!

But let's get back to the masks: humor is a mask, but it is by far not the only one. Even brutal honesty can be a mask, to avoid people sensing your to keep your privacy intact. The one situation where eventually all masks are dropped is when you find your ultimate partner in life, who is soul mate, best friend and partner in crime at the same time.

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