Knowing Intentions Need Developing by Newer Experience Shapes Source

In a world where you can be anything, being kind is a rebellious act. And the world needs more rebels! Animals seem to be quite fluent in kindness, but somehow the human animal appears to be far more unkind. Or is it the small subgroup called the Deep State that continuously floods the news with the things they wish us to see and fight against, so their even worse agendas stay hidden?

I tend to go not for the fighting against, but the building better instead. No, not "build back better" like the Biden administration, but instead the totally non-conventional approaches of Donald_trump and Elon Musk, who go for the real solutions rather than the "limiting people to fight symptoms" approach of current society. We should be building new systems inside the old ones, that will tear the old apart and replace it when they become mature enough. Basically, Elon is doing just that with X, making it the everything app which in my humble opinion will replace old system of divided and non-optimal systems.

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