Living Offers Very Exciting & Lucid Impressions For Everyone

Love and Life are intimately entangled, and I dare state my personal belief that "Spooky action at a distance" is quite probably also very applicable to love and life: in today's world, love has both a true and a treacherous side on today's Internet. With more and more people deeply desiring to connect, they become open targets for those who see a relationship as a possible way in to get the better of others. They are not necessarily Evil, but desire a better life too, be it in their financial, social or love life.

I have a long distance relationship for many years now, and my queen often thinks she can do nothing for me while I seem to do everything for her. The truth of it is, she keeps me sane, as our connection is the cure to my addictions, and the perfect excuse to be very selective in who I accept as online friends. No other female relations other than my four women, described on the other page.

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