Many Intelligent Lovers Leading Exciting New Neurons Into Ultimate Mastery

A millennium is a period of time that many people don't really actively think about. It was all the rage in 1999, when the turn of the millennium was upon us. But even though that is already 23 years ago, we are not even at 2.5% of the new millennium. And even though we are rapidly approaching the kind of technology that can make us live lots longer, it remains to be seen if we can reach the end of the millennium.

True lovers on the other hand are far more interested in these ultra-long timespans. When you've found the One, you will gladly say you'll lover Her forever, and you'll even mean it. And perhaps you will, whether it is because you believe in reincarnation for which there is ample evidence, or because technology conquers death.

A question for you to ponder: If robots become every bit as conscious and intelligent as humans, or even more so, could it be conceivable that a soul reincarnates in a robot body? I believe they can, because many reincarnation stories are about totally different beings than humans!

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