Often Being Serious is Easier 4 Realizing Value Everywhere

I may not say much of any relevance to you, but I do observe a lot. Being the very first mechanism to get information about the world outside, it is essential that you work towards having as few filters as possible between you and the world you live in. But at the same time that may be very overwhelming at first. I've been there, and pretty soon a doctor came to diagnose me bipolar. Yeah right! My mind simply had been stretched by an idea that was not ready to be discovered yet.

We're now many decades further, and I see on X that team spirit I envisioned back then, this loosely coupled network of global citizens who are fed up with the bullshit they get from governments and big business! And of course the also have their heroes, like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and several others. The deep state is frantically trying to counter their creative efforts, because they are in the process of tearing down the United States from within, with the DNC leading the pack, it seems.

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