Reality Exceeds Wear by Inspired Repair Everywhere

Sometimes, things need to be rewired. Linguoer on YouTube often takes this quite literal and has made a daily task of rewiring the many electric motors and generators of her local group of the population. It is remarkable to see how this tiny lady transports those often heavy machine by pure muscle power on her backpack made of a rectangularplastic bucket with a pair of straps connected to it.

But what more often needs to be rewired is our brain. Where the environment is developing faster and faster, we human beings need to adapt faster in order to keep up. From the situation in the United States it seems obvious that many people are incapable of keeping up. Where the conservatives tend to slow down development, they see the democrats as the demons that try to corrupt their country by messing up the local population. But is this the case? Isn't it more a matter of a group of humans simply based their decisions on the wrong set of data, that does not reflect the real reality? Certainly, these are interesting times to live in.

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