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If you've come here for this, I suggest you decide for yourself if that is what is distributed here. I merely write for my own selfish enjoyment, rather than the aim of making it big as an Author, Shaman, or even a Hero.

OK, so the makers of Cloud Atlas had one of their characters say "Seer Rhee died of a soap overdose", and may have had me thinking back then that this was a comment on my pre-occupation with soap bubbles on, but hey, it is my life right? I may see where we are going, but also know I am but one in a multitude: many people will tell us what to think, what to do, and what to believe, but in the end it is all about surviving or being truly alive: what do you want to have happen in your life, and what not?

I chose a simple solution, and have focused on a "real" job, all the while knowing that one day soon this situation will be replaced by some form of Unconditional Basic Income. Also, I've found the few persons I want to experience this future with.

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