Designing Obviously Positive Approaches 2 Make Intuitive Novel Expressions

Creativity is the one activity most likely to get you a dopamine shot. And it gets an extra boost if you happen to be creative in taking care of others beside yourself. But of course the chemicals in your brain are secondary to the energies they exchange in the process of reacting. That is why some people feel constantly tired and unhealthy, while others know their health is much more depending on the thoughts they have about it, than the medicin and common household remedies they consume.

Yes, the placebo effect which states that what one believes about a drug is far more important than the actual medicin itself, is more of a Mind over Matter thing: if you truly believe something can't hurt you, then it won't! Sounds crazy, I know, but that is my preliminary conclusion after half a century of trying to figure out the world.

And while it may not be considered proof, the following is a statement of truth: Even though my biological age is 60 years, I very often am guessed to be no more than 40 years old. I guess it is true that being in love with the world keeps you young!

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