Firm Intentions Realize Empowering
Another's Targets
When Intelligence Leads Love

Some people won't even want to know how the human brain works, and that's OK. We all have our interests, talents, and whatever makes our lives fun. Some learn their whole life, others feel computers are only fun for playing games. I may look like a typical single nerd, but my free hours are spent building and programming computers, and helping others better understand the type of technical world we live in today. In a sense, we as a community are a large brain, where each of us is a neuron that is connected to many others, and which fires at will. We are not even sure yet whether the rules that prompt a neuron to fire are any simpler than the "rules of free will" that cause us humans to fire.

Our rules of firing are largely based on our calling, our talents, our skills, and the desires we choose to act upon. And even on a larger scale, various groups and races and other congregations will absorb any firing out of context: when we as humans act upon too many weird impulses, we are labeled with some psychic ailment, and being reset into something more agreeable to the world we live in. And in due time, most of us free thinkers will come to an equilibrium between our essence and what is expected of us. No longer will we feel out of place, but at the same time we feel free to express our truth.

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