Many Individuals Navigate Details Making Alternative Plans

I dare say even more, just like Jobe said in "Lawnmower Man": "I get it in small pieces anyway". Having been putting together the large patterns from all the details of my life, I arrived at a different outcome than Jobe eventually did. I do not need to "get out of here", since I already did. Anxiety has largely been driven away by the realisation that whatever bad situation I find myself in, there is a unlimited set of probabilities out there that will always get me out of it. You can call it what you want, and I am not actually into any religion, but then I am no atheist either. I refer to this entity or force as either Source or God, but I spell the latter as the Grand Overall Design.

Now lately there has been a hiatus in my work on, because 'normal life' required more attention, and the world situation itself was equally uncertain. By now, life is returning to normal, and at the same time, huge changes are about to surface. Biden may look like he's president #46, but Trump is far from gone, despite what some less loyal followers think of him.

Now what does all this have to do with a mind map I hear you think. Well, if you are looking for a coherent source of information about the process currently under way, presents a huge connected web of all kinds of information about how the world connects together, and it will teach you about a lot of things you may not know yet.

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