Better Outcomes Unify New Designs As Reality Intensely Evolves Source

We may never think about it, but the most interesting things always occur on boundaries. Fishermen have known for ages that casting their nets at the boundary between a warm and a cold ocean current leads to them having a better catch. Likewise, the intriguing colorful aspects of soap bubbles occur on the boundaries between the bubbles, a triple of two layers of soap molecules, separated by a single layer of water molecules.

Likewise, all life on Earth can only survive without extra technological means in the several kilometers thin layer of atmosphere and water that sits on the boundary between Earth and Space. Even we, as a single human, find ourselves in our awareness of "reality" as we take in the observations of the outer reality, and build an image of it in the confines of our mind. I tend to think that consciousness lives in the boundary layer between our inner self and out outer reality.

Technology is another boundary, but one which shifts radically over time: where simple tools gave ancient humans an edge over their environment, it enabled them to extend their reach, and made living easier. Over time newer technologies gave humans the means to communicate and travel over longer distances more easily, and nowadays world-wide communications and relationships are easier and cheaper than ever before, even at a decidedly better quality.

Many people fear the other side of that coin, seeing technology as the enemy rather than just a boundary between themselves and the reality beyond that technological boundary. I guess time will tell, but based on over fifty years of conscious experience I expect "Infinity and Beyond" to be a positive future, just like the past fifty years were an ever more positive experience for me.

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