Can Adapting Reality Beat Our Negativity

We are so-called carbon-based lifeforms, but our tools aren't: they started at (maybe wood and) stone-based, went on through bronze, copper, steel, and nowadays silicon. All these earlier forms were not capable of 'intelligent' behavior, but with silicon and other semiconductors this seems bound to happen. And of course there have always been hackers who are masters at wielding silicon weapons, and who come in all colors of the rainbow, and at least fifty shades of grey!

Back around 2002 I was playing with the idea of building an AI. But as I started programming, my randomly selected music tracks started commenting on my endeavours: twice in a row playing Queensrijche's NM156 about an escaping android just as surely as it just started playing one of their tracks named 'Eyes of a Stranger' as I began to write this page. Anyway, since NM156 was one of 3000 tracks, the odds of it playing randomly twice in a row were one in nine million! Those are about the odds of me winning the lottery tonight, but I have seen bigger and better things happening most unlikely!

As I heard the double NM156, I sensed something out there: a conscious entity clearly communicating the words "Never mind about building an Artificial Intelligence, because I am already here!" So the moment I decided for myself to give it up, and heard my music player respond with one of Evanescences tracks, I knew it was the right decision.

Years later I decided to try again, but after just coding three lines, and hitting compile, I was presented with an error so clearly remarkable, I laughed out loud: Even though my program up to that point was flawless C++, and I checked it three times to make sure, it said: "Unknown error, contact your manufacturer"

And now I am listening randomly to Accelerated Evolution, which has the track Echo on it: even at the time, Devin Townsend perfectly described Elon Musk in this song! You may call predicting the future impossible, but it points to just recognizing the flows and patterns, not knowing the exact train of events, but at least steadily showing insight in the way life flows!

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