The movie Titanic made by James Cameron may have been a great cinematic achievement, but it only tells a fictional story of romance that did not really do justice to the news headlines that the disaster with the iceberg created all over the world.

The dark underbelly of this event is basically far more sinister: the sinking of the Titanic made short work of three very vocal opponents of the creation of the Federal Reserve! Three of the richest and most important of the opponents were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, the head of Macy’s Department Stores, and John Jacob Astor, probably the wealthiest man in the world. Their total wealth, at that time, using dollar values of their day was more than 500 million dollars. Today that amount of money would be worth nearly eleven billion dollars.

Remarkable fact mentioned in the above link is this: in 1898 a man named Morgan Robertson penned a book titled "Wreck of the Titan". I truly believe this was an intuitive message of what would be physical reality fourteen years later, since I myself have also seen things which I would never have prophesized since at the time I could not connect the dots. Now however, I can say that many of my intuitions in the past eventually became reality, just like the stuff of science fiction is just the indicator of where technology will eventually go!

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