When Extremism Fails

Extremism is not just found in terrorist or religious areas, but is currently the hallmark of for instance the World Economic Forum, a non-elected body that has global influence. They have been working to reduce the global population, and the motto expressed by their leader Klaus Schwab is: "You will own nothing, and be happy". Their operations are getting governments to implement laws that are aimed at shutting down as many farmers in the West as they can.

Of course the farmers are not taking this lying down, and they have amassed huge protests in many European countries, blocking Berlin and Paris with ever more invasive actions. Huge walls of straw bales in Paris, countless tractors everywhere, and fires of burning car tires on highways, blocking traffic in and out of important cities.

Let's hope the growing number of voices against the WEF and other globalist movements, because reducing the world population is not a solution, but an act of genocide!

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