Having External Love Physicalized Evolves Real Systems

The following visually tells you why I think AGI will never go bad on humans. Go badass maybe, but that is why this is an exciting time to live in! I always believed that since the majority of humans have a positive world view, and are essentially good, there will always be more effort expended to create great tools rather than weapons of mass destruction.

And as things get better, those who are of the negative persuasion will find themselves outnumbered by their more positive peers. I guess I can paraphrase Ellie Arroway in the movie Contact: "It is common sense to assume that more intelligent species will be less war-like". Of course I cannot prove that, but there is a certain amount of logic in the statement, because of the following argument:

As long as huge amounts of capital are spent on creating weaponry, this can not be spent on technology to better human society. So it only makes sense that development goes slower for the less positive situation. Another argument that is often heard in more openminded discussions of advanced technology is that some technology only works for those who have grown to a certain level of spiritual being.

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