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Pressure Obviously Opposes Richess

Today, while listening to Wallace D. Wattle, I went on to create the acrosstic for the word "RICH". Grateful for all around me, I quickly noted that the Formless Substance gave me more than I desired: the most appealing image was the above one, which had so much insight in the polarity of rich versus poor: a rich attitude will discard freely what is no longer needed, in extremes by tossing it in the tash rather than giving it away. The poor will in extremis pick up stuff from the trash, but notice the brownish spot at their ass? Yes, part of the poor mindset is to fart on the rich, failing to see how they help the world along.

Fortunately the acrosstic for poor was easily drawn from my intuition, a process for which I am always grateful. Even more grateful I am for the insight into the poor vs. rich mindset, which made me realise I can create my environment more consciously. For instance, my single family home is currently full to thew brim with stuff that has economical value, but most of it is reserved to set up the appartment my daughter and her friend are hoping to find soon. As a result I can see either 'Lack of Space', or 'Stuff I can part with freely'. Focusing on the latter, I am now systematically identifying what should stay, and what can go. Give away what can go for stuff I can use, like a bag of coffee beans, knowing full well that the process of getting as competitive a monetary value for it as possible is not my mindset.

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