Trading Risks Excessive Needless Decision Structures

Trends are a difficult concept to comprehend whan you start trading. It may feel like stocks that rise are the ones to gather, but whether they will rise further depends on so many different aspects. Tesla for instance was punished with a ten percent drop when they published things Q1 earnings numbers for 2023, but so many things are making it a great stock to invest in (and no, this is not investment advice!) I am merely pointing out why the stock market is not the most important thing when it comes to Tesla and today's world.

So often in the past manufacturers have been making products that are just barely good enough to keep working beyond their warranty period, in the most cost-effective manner. But for complex products, this is simply the wrong approach: That is why manufacturing should gain way more attention than the simple cost-cutting principles of everyday manufacturers.

Within companies like Tesla and SpaceX, every removed part is an optimal part, every line of code that is removed while making the program better is an optimal line. Where other car companies struggle to manufacture their cars at such a price point that they actually make a few bucks in the process, Tesla has the highest profit because of their very efficient production process.

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