Extreme Gratitude Opens Inroads 2 Source Teaching

Any person with enough life experience knows that egoism is not necessarily bad. It is like any attribute, extremes are the dangers, but a balanced amount of egoism is useful because it helps us maintain our own integrity in order to be able to help others. Those with too little egoism will help too many people and suffer as a result, whereas others with too much egoism are basically less effective in assisting the world around them in a positive way. Often they do this because their beliefs about their outer reality appears threatening to them. Rather than work to find positive developments that will solve the problems, they instead work vehemently to counter the problems instead, by limiting the effect of the symptoms rather than coming up with the cure.

A lot of today’s society is based on this concept: why solve a problem if you can find a way to economically profit from battling the symptoms instead? This works for pharmaceutics as well as cars, and computers are also no exception. Viruses are detected and detained, rather than designing an operating system that effectively makes it impossible for viruses to infect the computer. You might say that is impossible, but impossible is of course immediately associated with I’m Possible. And I always say anything is possible in software, if we only put our minds to it.

With the help of modern AI solutions, this should become ever more probable, but we need enough software engineers to have enough resources and thus time to step away from the daily fire-fighting to find the proper redesign instead!

That is one thing I forgot to add to my initiation wish list yesterday, but I am sure that once the brotherhood’s support is launched, I will find the resources and time to delve into this project!

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