Just Observe Ur Reality 4 New Advantageous Links Inviting Special Manifestations

As journalism has been reduced to mindlessly mouthing the misinformation your overlords have decreed should be followed by all, normal people start following the news via alternative channels, like x.com. And by aiming this app to become the most truth-seeking platform, Elon Musk is laying the groundwork for what he hopes will eventually become the world's most qualitatively perfect AGI. x.ai will be its name, and by trying to give it a maximum truth-seeking and curious nature, he aims it to also be most successful at treating human beings in a benign way.

But in order to get to that maximum truth, we need a new breed of journalist, the so-called citizen-journalist. With most people nowadays being equipped with smart phones that have excellent cameras an live streaming capabilities, news gathering has become effortless. Nowadays, anything remarkable happening in the public space is immediately filmed from multiple angles, and the Artificial Intelligence network that feeds on streaming video will soon have a detailed image of exactly how it happended, completely truthful in every detail.

Add to that the information it gets from all kinds of global data distribution sites, and it will become almost impossible to lie about events that happen inpublic. Of course people will want to have their privacy, and that should be respected. So care must be taken to ensure that incursions of privacy only happen when there is indeed a solid reason to do so. Things like Biden weaponizing the DOJ against Donald Trump to try and keep him out of the 2024 presidential elections should not be allowed to happen again.

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