There's Always More to Life

Having been on the Web ever since 1988, I've been doing various things. This landing page is added now to more easily access the materials on I wish you happy reading, and hope it brings you positive thoughts. The images on the left link to the sites described on the right.

My explorations in the field of Acrosstics, a collection of over 600 of these words written top to bottom, enhanced with words starting each letter, which convey a given thought. These have been mixed with SevenSpheres at WordWeb is a site which entangles all published Sevenspheres and Acrosstics so you can jump from one to the others where possible. I drew the original SevenSphere image back around the turn of the Millennium, as the outcome of studying how the Yin & Yang symbol might evolve. Later on I found out I could clarify concepts by using it to write the concept in the center Sphere, and then arranging six essential other words around it. After having made around 470 of these combinations, I truly believe there is a honeycomb structure to language, and by implication, all information.
My main weblog, brought into existence recently to link more positive pieces of information together. It helps me to keep my mind on positive things, without having to dwell on negatives. The posts here often point to articles or pages on the other sites. In the future, more specific weblogs will be added to make sure you can get to the needed info faster.
Another area in which I'm active: 3D design and printing, as the lucky owner of a Creality Ender 5 Plus with a Micro-Swiss direct drive extruder. I love working in OpenSCAD, because it allows me to 'code' my designs rather than manipulate them in a 2D interface. Way easier for a programmer like me! This is still under construction, but will contain a site dedicated to the intelligent re-use of larger components of electronic devices. Since most devices can be taken apart into one to two dozen sub-parts, and a device discarded by its owner typically has anywhere from zero to a few defects, we can test and possibly repair them, or take them apart as a source of reusable parts which saves us from having to find a new replacement part when repairing identical models.