Over 1400 Acrosstics for you to enjoy...

I initially started creating these images for fun, after I discovered I had a knack for this particular form of Acrostic. These are poems that are created by writing a word or expression top to bottom, and then starting words from each letter to make a neat sentence. However, I've not seen anyone on the Web do it quite as compact as I ended up doing it.

As this is all public domain, you can duplicate these images to your hearts content. But if you want a coffee mug or T-shirt with one, or want to request a custom made Acrosstic for a name or word, feel free to E-mail me, and I will see what I can do.

This main page is generated, and the table below will contain links to generated HTML pages for all Acrosstics I created thus far. I have tried to adhere to fair use for the background images, but if you feel you should be mentioned as the creator of some imagery on these pages, please mail me at andre dot slabber at moorelife dot nl, and I will modify the relevant pages asap, or mention your contribution.

To use these acrosstics as a Tarot deck, please click this link. It will show you a random four acrosstics, for you to reflect upon.